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True Freedoms

This election season has brought truth to an all-time low -- certainly in our lifetimes.

Day after day, commentators like Rachal Maddow, Chris Matthews and others broadcast the video moments that expose the outright lies by candidates Romney and Ryan, and their Superpac supporters. There's even a picture of Romney with the caption, "I can lie faster then you can fact check!" He may or may not be faster, but it's abundantly clear that Romney doesn't care about truth.

Of course the right wing media is dishing up the same propaganda. The Wall Street Journal has offered Karl Rove's twisted view of reality in America some 27 times in the six months leading up to this election. In this parallel universe "Obama's Biggest Opponent Is the Truth," not their candidate who will say anything to get elected.

Why hasn't the traditional media given more exposure to Romny's and Ryan's blatant lies? Some say that they suffer from story fatique and they may be right. How many times can they run the same story, "Romney lies again," before readers tune out? Besides, it's traditional media that is benefiting from the hundreds of millions spent on this propaganda, so they're hardly motivated to squelch these falsehoods.

On the rare occasions they expose the hypocrisy, it almost always comes along with the disclaimer that Democrats do it too. This false equivalency is utter non-sense! It's like comparing Bernie Madoff to other stockbrokers to say, well, they all bend the truth.

It's today's Republicans party that gave us self servants like candidate Romney and Vice President Cheney. That lied us into war. That fields crazies like Bachmann, Akin, Mourdock and others for public service. That suppresses the vote in Democratic precincts and with voter ID laws. That reveres professional cynics like Rove, Limbaugh, Beck, and Coulter. Talk about UnAmerican "retards!" Any one of these characters could be written into Orwell's 1984 without one bit of embellishment. If Lincoln were alive today, he's be a Democrat.

True Americans Act with Integrity.

Let's be Integrity Voters. Let's vote for good leadership regardless of party and, in doing so, hand this "Rove-ing" Republican circus a resounding defeat. 

Let's get back to what truly matters in business, life, and America: Integrity.

Spread the word.

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