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Father to Son

Wisdom from a birth letter, father to son:
  • Your intuition is your soul connection and is more receptive of truth than all the senses combined. 
  • Rules are helpful but they are designed to avoid confrontation -- often for the benefit of the rulemakers.
  • It is your intuition that serves as your moment-to-moment compass. 
  • Follow what is in your heart and use reason to fine-tune your travels. 
  • The goal of this lifetime is to find your destiny and use that vision to build your legacy. 
  • No one can tell you what your destiny is. You must discover it intuitively. 
  • Real tragedy is not death. We all must go. Tragedy is dying without having lived.
  • Get busy with life. Engage.
  • Remember always that we live in the hands of God
  • Understand that we are not helpless dependents as some may suggest. Rather, God will provide you the tools and opportunities.
  • Life is truly what you make of it. So dream big, steadfastly believe, labor with love, and create the life of your dreams. Dream, Believe, Love, Create!
  • The essence of life is interdependence. 
  • Do not expect God – as expressed to you in your life here on earth – to give you what you want. Rather, know that you'll receive exactly what you need. 
  • Everything is just as it should be at this moment. 
  • God allows no struggles beyond your abilities.
  • The ego must be broken, as it blinds you from your true self. 
  • Know that your challenges in life are for the purpose of making you more God-like.
  • Have faith, "Trusting, abiding, and at rest” as it was well defined by Paulos Mar Gregorios (Parliament of World Religions, 1993 in the Q&A after his talk).
  • Ultimately, the goal of life is utterly simple: to recognize that you are a child of God, to overcome your material attachments, and to turn to love or "God union." 
  • There is but One Universe; One God; One truth. Do the math. 
  • Surrender does not mean that you abandon your ambitions or the efforts to realize them. 
  • Never, ever give up on your dreams.
  • Wisdom – which is reason and compassion guided by intuition – will tell you when it’s time to let something go. 
  • Surrender means that you unconditionally accept those things you cannot change and are at peace with the outcome. 
  • Know that good things in life are gifts from God. 
  • Most of us are mesmerized by the comfortable state of our environment. 
  • All gifts known as "mine" will come to pass; looks, intellect, talents, money, fame, and so forth. 
  • It is the attachment to these gifts that is the cause of many sorrows. 
  • The right attitude is to be truly grateful for the gifts you have and never lose sight of the giver of all gifts. 
  • Material possessions amount to little more than temporary convenience. 
  • The more you have in life the more you must give back, as giving circulates like currency.
  • Real security is not having things, but handling things under all conditions with peace of mind. 
  • This world is your school.
  • The ultimate goal is to break all material attachments and become love.
  • You cannot love anyone without first loving yourself. 
  • You must be filled with love in order to be loving. 
  • The very words, "I love you," are meaningless without the love that flows from within during the words.
  • You are loved without dependence on the love of others. 
  • True love is built upon the interdependence of two self-loving souls. 
  • It is two souls who freely choose one another that become one. 
  • Love resonates, but it is your responsibility to ensure its vitality. 
  • Love is not needy; not selfish; and not possessive. It must be nurtured always.
  • Self-love allows us to let go of relationships when we know we must. It allows us to accept death when it is imposed upon us or upon our loved ones. 
  • Self-love allows us to be sad -- without being broken or damaged -- when the "love of our life" chooses another. Shaken, of course, but not stirred! 
  • You have everything you need within. You are a whole being. No one can take that away from you.
  • It is the source of love that we seek when we look for love in others. Seek the source.  
  • God is that source of all love. God is love. 
  • God's love flows through us all. We are but gatekeepers of this mighty river. 
  • Only love endures this miserably short lifetime. 
  • Seek love and truly live.

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    Divine Elements; Dream, Believe, Love, Create - God-4-Engineers - Father to Son
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    Divine Elements; Dream, Believe, Love, Create - God-4-Engineers - Father to Son
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    Divine Elements; Dream, Believe, Love, Create - God-4-Engineers - Father to Son
  • Response
    Divine Elements; Dream, Believe, Love, Create - God-4-Engineers - Father to Son
  • Response
    Divine Elements; Dream, Believe, Love, Create - God-4-Engineers - Father to Son

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