Suspension of reason?

When a belief in God requires that you suspend reason, it’s not God; it’s dogma!  

All the great religions teach that you must quiet the mind -- even turn it off -- to experience the grace of God. Yet, there is nothing unreasonable about bypassing reason to access a higher form of consciousness.

After all, where do good ideas come from? Why do they always seem to come in a flash when we're not engaged in reason? Reason is slow and easily derailed by misguided beliefs. Intuition is instant, and often dead on. 

Ideas “flash.” Making sense of it all, well, that takes time and reason.




GOD for Engineers

God cannot be taken on blind faith. 

Yet, simply because we fail to fully grasp the Laws of the Universe doesn't preclude a vast intelligence behind it all. If we are made in his image then, while we may not grasp the depths of love with our reason, we can deduce the framework.

Think of it like this; until we're convinced that we're diving into a pool of water, why would we take the dive? Fair enough, but also know; no amount of reason can give us the experience of plunging in the water. We must dive.

Stay tuned.

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