The Laws of Cause!
Monday, July 15, 2013 at 11:22PM

You’ve got what you want!

The very first thing to acknowledge is that you’ve already got what you want. If you wanted more, you’d have more but, right now, you want exactly what you’ve got.

When we exercise our unlimited power to create, there is no wanting without getting and no getting without wanting, so the only way to achieve something more is to really, really want it.

In the meantime, you’ve got exactly what you want….

Got it?

If you recognize “wanting it” as a driving force, the question is: Just how do we want more than we currently have? We believe we want more. We imagine we want more. We are even taking action towards having more, yet our consistant results are exactly aligned with what we truly want—and that’s not enough!

To see the role “wanting it” plays, let’s look into the locker room rant of NHL Coach Bruce Boudreau after the second period of a hockey game caught for the HBO Series, 24/7:

“Have a seat for a second. Look, I have never seen a bunch of guys look so [bleep]ing down when something bad happens. What are you guys? Like prima donna perfects that can't [bleep]in' handle adversity?…. You kill two [bleep]ing men, and then we stand around and watch while they [bleep]ing score here…Outwork these [bleep]ing guys!

If you want it, don't just think you want it. Go out and [bleep]ing want it! But you're not looking like you want it, you look like you're feeling sorry for yourself. And nobody [bleep]ing wants anybody that's feeling sorry for themselves. You got 20 [bleep]ing minutes. You're down by one [bleep]ing shot. Surely the [bleep] we can deal with this.” – Bruce Boudreau, NHL Coach

In this rant, Coach Boudreau captured every element of where "wanting it" goes wrong; victimhood, fuzzy vision, all combined with lack of dedication, discipline and determination.

In contrast, “If you want it, don't just think you want it,” Coach Boudreau asserts, “go out and [bleep]ing want it!”

You then need to act until your vision becomes reality— regardless of any obstacles placed in your way— all while never succumbing to victimhood!

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity— no matter how impressive their other talents!

—Andrew Carnegie

What Coach Boudreau was observing is that his team didn’t really “want it.” When you “think you want it,” the question then is: how do you motivate yourself to really want it? To really "[bleep]ing want it?"

The process of achievement is simple: Dream big, steadfastly believe, labor with love (act), and then create the life of your dreams. But there’s a gap that stands between vision and venture. You might dream and believe it. That’s vision. But until you venture— act and create— whatever “it” is remains no thing. This gap will not be crossed until you really “want it!”

Well, that’s the subtlety, because everyone “wants it” a little; maybe even a lot. But you’re not going to act and create it until you really “[Bleeping] want it” and are willing to “go out” and make it happen; until you want it so bad that your entire being is behind the effort!

We get hung up at belief. It’s as though we stand on a ledge, dream in hand, facing a chasm we fear crossing. Let's call this the Venture Gap. Yet, it’s not the lack of belief, but depth of belief. To “[bleep]ing want it,” we have to intenesly believe it’s personal, urgent and necessary before we fully commit.

To illustrate this state, take drowning. Here, we don’t just "think" we need to breath, we don't merely “believe” we need to breath; we know we need to breath— and breath now! That is the heightened sense of commitment required to cross the Venture Gap! 

It's not conditional or tentative but absolute commitment, like that America has to liberty, as expressed by John F. Kennedy, to “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success...“

That’s the mindset required to cross the Venture Gap.

“Great leaders don't change the world by accident”— University of Notre Dame 

What's clear is that we work through three sequential steps as we commit; I can, I must, and I will or, put another way, it's for mefor good, and for real!

The universal problem is that few of us know how to get beyond “I can” or “I must” without a real crisis in our lives. Even then, as the crisis subsides, so does our heightened state of performance.

Sure, we “want it,” but that’s not enough to drive through rigorous challenges. Most dieters, for instance, are in a constant state of “I must” and never get beyond, to the state of “I will” that makes it real.

Yet, until we get to the “I will” state of mind, we don’t really “[bleeping] want it,” we just “want it” and wanting it alone is never enough.

So that’s the challenge... One I've spent 100 hours addressing over the last 40 days (July 10th through today, August 19th, 2013). I think I have it, but you know where I'm going with this, don't you?

Until I know it works, it's not "for real." Until I prove it works, it's only a vision, not a repeatable venture. I simply haven't crossed the Venture Gap!

The Laws of Cause are a subset of the Divine Elements; Dream, Believe, Love, Create, where we go deep into "Believe" to uncover exactly how one creates that illuisve state of absolute commitment.

Let's pray this works! I need this as much as anyone... Stay Tuned.

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